Personal music order

Individual order of the song DOES NOT GUARANTEE its performance on the stream, only the fact that the song appears in my list, if others do not vote for it, you will have to order it during the broadcast.

Please note

The minimum delivery time for Your order is 48 hours, please note this.

Specifics: due to the complexity of such an instrument as a violin, not every song is suitable for ordering.

Please refrain from ordering: rap (it is almost impossible to play it on the violin, or discuss its performance in advance with me), as well as songs with swear words.

Is my song a good choice, and how can I check it out for myself?

If you want to order a song without my approval, it will be good if it meets the following requirements:

In all other cases, you can contact me by email - and agree on the song individually, as well as if you are not sure about the choice.

I always reserve the right to refuse an order with a refund for unforeseen reasons: injuries, serious illnesses, or to extend the period if it suits You.

Also, the reason for rejection may be the popularity of the song, since if it is not ordered by others, over time, I may forget it and this will affect the quality of its performance.

Payment method

To pay for a new song, you can use any available payment methods, such as:

Price of a new song

At the moment, the cost of ordering a new song is 50$.

Please note that the price may sometimes change depending on my workload, so as not to create a queue and the quality of new orders does not fall.


The discount starts from 5 orders and is 5%. (47,5$)

The next discount is 10% and requires ordering 10 songs. (45$)

I would like to ask you to count the number of songs yourself, since I don't have a General service for ordering songs yet.

My expenses and what the price is based on


Since I use accompaniment on broadcasts, any music that is not from games (there are exceptions in games, too) requires me to purchase a license to use it. Otherwise, I violate copyright, and some sites may even block me completely and delete my account for this. I will pay for the songs every year so that I can continue to perform them. The cost of the cheapest license per year, per song, is 12 dollars.


Creating notes takes me from 1 to 6 hours. I think it's not difficult to calculate how much each song costs me. Buying music in most cases does not solve the problem, since most of the violin notes on the Internet are either missing or of very poor quality. Adapting free piano notes can take longer and more difficult than writing from scratch.


It takes me 2-8 hours to learn a single song, depending on the difficulty, taking into account all the repetitions and other nuances.

If movies or TV series are used in the background of music for selection, I also have to buy a license to show them.

I don't take into account my time in the process of creating a clip, but this process includes selecting videos, selecting the quality of music, and mixing them.

Some videos take me up to 5 hours, for example - Requiem for a Dream.